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Built by us, managed by you.
Powered by real humans and smart software. Without hidden fees or upfront payments.

Do your thing.
We bring you online.

Our international team of designers and developers makes sure that you can focus on your core business.

New client! Small restaurant owner. Freakin awesome. Briefing is on the server.

Great concept! First design drafts are done. @Caro can you handle them?

For sure! The dev part would be done in 2 days max.

Amazing work! I will give them a call.

For people and companies who have a story to tell.
Not for corporates.

Built for you

Telling your story in the best way possible. No templates involved.

Built for business

Functionality your customers actually want.

Built for speed

60% faster loading speed compared to traditional websites.

Our innovative software lets you update content with ease.

Our ‘Intern’ aligns new content with the design of your ‘Puzzlers’ website. Smart algorithms warn you on the fly if new entries are likely to break the design.




traditional pricing

Everything besides the base.

Hello, flexible pricing

Single Page Websites

Small Websites, big impact. Containing everything you need.

$ 65,00/month

Multi Page Websites

If you have more to say, we have more space for you to do so.

$ 98,00/month

Always included:


GDPR compliance

Dedicated Projectmanager

Customized design

Personalised functionality

Make your move

Bringing customised websites to companies and people who have a story to tell. Built by us, managed by you. Without any upfront payments.

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